is your Data backed up?

data records are lost or stolen at a rate of:

a day
an hour
a minute
a second

What we we want to know

  • How often is data restored?
  • Do you receive regular reports showing successful data backups?
  • What level of security is deployed to end users to ensure protection?
  • What limits on access do you provide to employees to avoid potential breaches?

What you should ask yourself?

  • What data needs to be backed up, and are you backing up all your data?
  • What type of support do you receive for your data backup and security?
  • What needs data management and protection in the future?
  • Is your data stored in a safe remote location?
  • How much are you willing to pay to avoid business losses?
  • What affect on performance do you see during backups?
  • Do you have a data security plan as an organization?

What we offer

Shorter backup windows
Less data transferred
Hybrid backup
Faster restores
Full disaster recovery
Multiple copies of your data in multiple locations

all encrypted via

AES-128/256 or
448-bit blowfish

meaning your data is Compliant